Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flashes of Fiction Volume 5 Coming Soon

I've been working on Flashes of Fiction Volume 5. So what's inside?

Five more sci-fi, spec-fic stories:

Existence- Dr. Pence sees his patients every day, but is he the only one? 

The Stalker-Emily's stalker is not your ordinary psycho. 

Time- Does fate control our lives, or do we have some control?

Come Back, Doug- Doug gets lost in dry desert for alcoholics only

 Deja Vu- Alicia learns it's not so much what you wish for, but how you word it.

Look for this new Kindle eBook on July 15th!

I'll post some excerpts starting next week. 

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That Wednesdays?! "Laugh Like a Baby"

"Laugh Like a Baby" is a short story about Charles, a man born with a strange condition. He emotions are mixed up--literally! As a baby, he cried when his diaper was full and bawled while playing pattycake. 

When Charles was born he came out laughing, not crying and from that day on, he wasn't like any other person he knew until he finally meets someone just like him. His dad. 

Charles grows up with a loving mother who tries her best to help him live as normal a life as possible despite his rare condition. And when she dies, he feels he has no one left in he world that will love and understand the way his mother had. 

The idea for this story actually came from a commercial. The ad was about people who have a condition that makes them laugh at inappropriate times.  The condition is called Pseudobulbar Affect.

After watching that I thought about how difficult a person's life could be if his or her emotions were not like everyone else's. What if a person was born with a different way of expressing joy and pain. That's when I came up with Charles, a person born with an unexplainable condition that made he laugh during sad times and cry during happy times. 

I'm not giving anything away, so you'll have to read the story to find out what happens to Charles and how his life turns out. 

You can read "Laugh Like a Baby" in Flashes of Fiction: Volume 2.  You can also listen to it with audio books from iTunes and Audible

Happy Reading! (And listening!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That?! Wednesdays "Finders Weepers"

"Finders Weepers" is a short story about Leonard, a habitual liar. He lies to everyone as long it benefits him in some way. But Leonard learns the hard way where the line is drawn between the truth and lies, and what happens when you cross it. 

The story was first published in Bewildering Stories issue 247. 

Don't you just hate it when someone lies to you? That's where this story started. Someone (I won't mention names) told me a lie, and I later found out about it. That made think up all kinds of punishments for liars, and not just pants catching on fire--something worse!

For days, I thought up punishments and as usual, it wasn't until I was about to fall asleep that my mind started churning out the ideas. I had to get up to find paper and write it down, so I'd remember. The next day, I started writing Leonard's story. 

What would happen if every lie someone told came true? That's what I did to Leonard. He finds a ring that has the power to turn all his lies into the truth. 

You'll have to read the story to find out what Leonard's actual punishment is, but I'll give you a hint-- it's not good. ;)

You can read "Finders Weepers" in Flashes of Fiction: Volume 2, along with some other pretty interesting stories (if I do say so myself.) 

You can also listen to it from audible and iTunes. 

Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That?! Wednesdays: "Assailant"

"Assailant" is as short story about a rash of burglaries taking place in small town. The strange thing is the victim's description of the assailant resembles a snowman. With the unusual description of the perp from the victim and some strange things found at the scene, the police officers are baffled. Is the woman making the complaint just confused because she got knocked out during the robbery, or are rogue snowmen terrorizing the residents?

I wrote this story for a prompt contest on a writing site, and it won! I honestly don't remember the prompt, but I know it had something to do with a person falling on ice and banging their head.

 I got the idea by asking myself if someone is robbed in winter who might be the perpetrator and why? Then I came up with the idea of a snowman robbing people for ice. Why do they want ice? Because a warm front is approaching.

"Assailant" is a fun story for readers of all ages. You can read the story in Flashes of Fiction: Volume 2. You can also listen to it Flashes of Fiction: Volume 2 on audible and iTunes.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That?! Wednesdays: "The Sixtieth Year"

"The Sixtieth Year" is a short story about Alice: Alice and her husband, Sam, are coming up to their 60th anniversary when the unthinkable happens. Sam dies of a heart attack, leaving Alice alone in this world of new-fangled things where she doesn’t belong. Her heart aches to be with her husband, so much so much so that she longs to die to be with him. 

I started writing Alice's story back in 2007 when my dad was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. One of my first thoughts was what would Mom do without him. At that time they'd been married 46 years. I couldn't imagine losing someone who shared my life for long. So, I stared writing the story of Alice, a women so distraught over her husband's unexpected death, that she, too, no longer wanted to be a part of this world. 

I didn't finish the story until 2013 when Mom passed away. She was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer in late 2011. She went through chemo, had surgery in early spring 2012, went though more chemo, but passed away in July 2013, leaving Dad to be the one alone.

Dad was devastated. He had so many emotions. He was inconsolable. I had never in my all life seen my Dad sob. I saw him tear up at my Grandma's funeral and caught a glimmer of tears in his eyes at my Uncle's funeral, but never saw him actually weep with so much grief. 

He felt guilty because Mom died and he was still here fighting his cancer. He was lonely, depressed, and didn't want to live without her. He stopped all treatments. 

After watching what Dad was going through, it was through tears I started writing Alice's story again. I finished the story within a few months, but didn't really do much with it. 

We lost Dad about 14 months later on September 7, 2014. The only comfort I can take in all this is that they are no longer suffering and they are together. 

So, the Alice character is sort of a combination of Mom and Dad. She is tough but lacks the will to go on with life. I do believe that people can die from a broken heart and loneliness after losing someone who was so part of their life. 

I decided it was time to share Alice's story. You can read Alice's story at Alfie Dog Fiction

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That Wednesdays?! "My Friend, Clarence"

"My Friend, Clarence is a not your ordinary imaginary friend story. Jeremy's imaginary friend is deaf, and he is a serial killer. 

Jeremy convinces Clarence to turn himself in for his latest murder, but when Jeremy arrives at the police station signing to an empty chair beside him and giving the detective details that only the murderer would know, he becomes the suspect. 

So, how does Jeremy clear his name? With DNA of corse!

I watch a lot of true crime shows on the ID channel (Investigation Discover), and DNA always plays an important role in solving murder cases, especially cold cases. Then I thought DNA would be a good way to prove the existence of an imaginary friend. 

My husband and I discussed Clarence's DNA (He does have good suggestions at times). He suggested Clarence have alien DNA, and while this is a good idea, it just didn't fit with my story line. Alien DNA would have taken me in an entirely different direction. 

I decided to make the Clarence character a little more realistic by having Jeremy use sign language to talk to him. For Jeremy to learn sign language to talk to his imaginary shows you just how much he believes in the existence of Clarence. 

It may seem strange to create an invisible, deaf, serial killer, but it makes Clarence more interesting. ;)

You can read about Jeremy and Clarence in Flashes of Fiction: Volume 3. along with other speculative fiction stories. 

You can also listen on iTunes and audible.

Grandma's Scrapbook: Grandma’s bags are packed, and she is ready for a death vacation. 

Destination...3009: Jim finished building his time machine, and he’s ready to see what advances the future has to offer, but he is stunned by what he doesn't find. 

My Friend, Clarence: Jeremy knows intimate details about the murders of several young girls. He claims his friend, Clarence, is the perp. The only problem--Clarence is Jeremy’s imaginary friend 

The Weed Whisperer: Simon is a gardening guru. Weeds never dare to grow in his garden or flowerbeds, but Simon learns that weeds will attack if provoked. 

One Man's Trash: Sometimes a good deal isn't always what it seems.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"The Sixtieth Year" Available from Alfie Dog Fiction Soon

My short story, "The Sixtieth Year," will be available from Alfie Dog Fiction on May 20th. This story will also be the Where'd You Come Up With That?! Wednesdays entry also on May 20th. 

This is a story about Alice, an elderly lady who is just dying to be with her husband after his sudden death. It's sort of romance/fantasy story, and it has an interesting story behind it.

I hope you check back next Wednesday to read about how I can up with the short story "My Friend, Clarence."

Happy Reading!